Meet Mendhi

Mendhi Audlin is the author of "What If It All Goes RIGHT? Creating a New World of Peace, Prosperity & Possibility."
An inspirational speaker, consultant and personal coach in the area of applied spirituality, leadership and engagement strategy, Mendhi has spoken to audiences around the world about the power of positive thinking and the benefits of small group support systems.
Mendhi  is the founder of "The What If UP Club" providing inspiration and support for people and organizations around the world.
She currently lives in the mountains outside of Denver, Colorado where she enjoys basking in the beauty of nature, skunking her husband at gin rummy, and shamelessly spoiling her two rescue mutts with her preteen daughter.

Items Created by Mendhi...

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What If It All Goes RIGHT? 

With over twenty years of real world application in colleges, businesses, churches, and beyond, Mendhi Audlin shares the life-changing strategy that will elevate your mindset and put you on course for a brighter tomorrow, regardless of your current circumstances.

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Leadership Truth or Dare?

Leadership Truth or Dare Cards are an easy and effective tool for leaders and facilitators to infuse your life and your organization with best practices for courageous and authentic leadership with Leadership: Truth or Dare!

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