A light in the darkness...

A tragedy has impacted my little town in Colorado. Teen suicide has become the leading cause of death for people in our state between the ages of 10 and 24 with over 500 young people per year choosing to end their lives.

Last night, our community grieved another loss.  Following the memorial service, members of our small town lined up along Main Street with candles in hand. 

Our intent was to send a message to the young people in our community: You are not alone, and hope is sometimes much, much closer than it seems.

  • What if, through the power of this "What If UP" community, we are able to bring new light into the world?
  • What if we each start our day with hope and possibility? What if we allow our hope to inspire and uplift the people around us?
  • What if we use our light to help each other through dark times, and reach out to each other when our own light seems to grow dim?

As we stood together last night amidst the chill of the changing seasons, the wind would occasionally snuff out our candles.

So we would turn to each other and ask for a bit of help.  We would reach out to the stranger next to us and ask, "Can I use your light to rekindle my own?"  

Together, we lit up Main Street. 

We may look to the news and see plenty of cause for despair. But what if we look instead to each other? 

What if we find in each other the thing we've been looking for all along?