Why Health is the Key to Growth (Episode 1)


Join me for the relaunch of "The Leading Edge" - new focus... new format!   Read the book, "The Advantage: Why Organization Health Trumps Everything Else in Business", by Patrick Lencioni and share your insights!

In this episode, we explore:

  • Why organizational health is a priority for any ministry that wants to grow.
  • The three barriers to organizational health
  • Healthy practices as a multiplier of your existing spiritual and human resources.

I recommend sharing each episode with your leadership team and discussing your insights together.  Here are some questions to reflect on both individually and with your team:

  • How open am I to learning something new?  Am I willing to step into a "beginner's mindset" when it comes to team leadership?
  • Am I willing to slow down enough to step outside our daily tasks and invest in organizational growth?  What are my current expectations regarding how long it will take to shift our culture?  Am I willing to commit to the end result regardless of how long it takes?
  • What metrics are we currently tracking related to growth outcomes (attendance, membership, giving, etc)?  Are we tracking the right things?  Are will willing and open to exploring growth in a holistic way, focusing on spiritual principles that may or may not have immediate tangible results?