How to (Purposefully) Be the Light of the World

What does it really mean to "be the light of the world"?  

This week, we explore the this audacious idea by exploring the nature of light and how it moves through time and space.  What can we, as spiritual leaders, learn from looking deeper into the workings of light?

What if we could use our understanding of the nature of light to help us direct divine energy more powerfully?

What if humanity could transform divine potential into a spectrum of brilliance much like a prism transforms pure white light into a rainbow of color?

What if, by deepening our awareness of our own spiritual potential, we step into our own Truth and shine forth as the "light of the world"?

I hope you enjoy this week's trip down the rabbit hole as much as I did!  Let me know in the comments area below what other ideas or insights come to YOU as you shine your light into the world.