Playing on the Thin Branches

Uncategorized Mar 28, 2019

Here's a big question for you.  Be honest.

How willing are you to learn? To change? To grow?

Most of us nod our head and affirm that we are open and eager to learn new things.  But what happens when those new things land us in new uncharted territory?  Are we still so eager?

This week's What If Wednesday possibilities rant is inspired by a beautifully honest comment in our What If Up Online Community:

"I'm a few years into studying metaphysical teachings and the classes are bringing up all my fears about being stupid and sharing my opinions. I come from a very logical background. I have a degree in Math. I'm used to knowing that I'm on the right path and now I'm completely out of my comfort zone. Someone said that there are no wrong answers - I don't find any comfort in that. I feel comfort in knowing that I'm right. How can I open myself up to the joy of the mystery or embrace this discomfort?"

Ever been in these shoes?  How long has it been since you stepped into something where you aren't the expert, don't know the answers, and feel the sting on realizing your incompetence in something that matters to you?  

What if we celebrate the courage it takes to go there?

What if moving from "unconscious competence" into "conscious incompetence," though humbling, is a gigantic step forward in our own awakening?

What if we are gentle with ourselves in our times of deepest learning?  What if we take pride in our willingness to step into the unknown? And what if it gets a little more comfortable out there in the wilderness of the unknown every time we venture forward?

Come play with us on out on the thin branches... That's where all the new growth is!

Original watercolor artwork by Lisa Tousignant.


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