Space to Breathe

Ever feel like you've got so much on your plate, there's never a chance to stop and breathe?

Yet, something inside you knows that you do have the time. To take a breath.  To regroup.  To step outside. To open your eyes and savor the beauty-full life you've created.  

What if we allow ourselves to have more of these moments?

This week, I'm grateful for divinely timed weather delays, unexpected changes of plans, and ideas that "didn't work" disappearing from my overloaded plate.

It's What If Wednesday once again and this week, our focus is on creating some "breathing room" so we can allow showers of good juju to fill us UP!

What if we take a blissful moment between each of the tasks on our "to-do" list today to look around and find something beautiful to appreciate?

What if these moments give us an emotional reset that clears our mind and lightens our steps?

What if these easy breezy mindful moments have the power to put us in the flow, inspire creative ideas, and create a path of clarity for moving forward?