Starting Something New...

I am still riding high from last night's Kick-Off Party! My dear friend Joe Vitale, from the movie The Secret, was our special guest and it was raise-the-roof fabulous!  

Here's my little secret: I was actually pretty nervous all day yesterday as I was preparing.  Truth be told, I was "what if DOWNing" like crazy. Yes, after all these years, it still happens on occasion!

But then I applied Joe's techniques for stepping into a new dream, and it shifted my paradigm around this new path and new adventure.  Perhaps, if you've been contemplating a leap of faith in life, it will be helpful for you, too:

What if you have everything it takes to take your ideas to the next level?

What if any fear, nervousness or anxiety about a new direction is actually a sign that you are venturing beyond what you know, and therefore, broadening yourself and all that is possible for you?

What if, by stepping outside your comfort zone, you are breaking out of old patterns and old ideas about who you are? What if what is emerging is a fuller, more dynamic possibility for who you are?

Today, we discuss possibilities for moving through fear and stepping into something new. If you find yourself venturing out into a new chapter of your life and feel a co-mingling of excitement and terror inside you, this video is for you.

What if you realize a new sense of "aliveness" that has been dormant until now? What if you are embarking on the adventure of a lifetime?  What if you feel the fear, and do it anyway?

You were made for this.
Let's get started!