The Luck O' the Irish

I was talking with my friend Robin yesterday, and I mentioned to her that I was considering doing a special What If Wednesday this week to celebrate St. Patrick's Day:  

What if today is my lucky day?

Robin is a masterful What If Upper, so she immediately plussed my possibility:  What if EVERY DAY is your lucky day??

It turns out, there have been clinical studies that demonstrate that our belief in our own "luckiness" actually creates better luck.  Consider this...

What if good things flow to you from "out of the blue" today (and every day!)

What if you are "magically" led to the perfect opportunities, the best connections, and the most dynamic resources to move you forward today (and every day!)

What if you are, in fact, the luckiest person on the planet, unafraid of taking inspired actions, knowing that things always work out for you in the most brilliant and amazing way?

It turns out, "lucky" people have a whole lot in common. It all begins with how we see ourselves and what we expect. "Lucky" people listen to their intuition, take inspired risks, and open themselves to opportunities each day.

Here's my favorite revelation from the research:  
"Lucky" people are known to consistently hang out with other "lucky" people... which leads to more luck all around!
(Kinda makes you wonder if maybe there's something more to the idea, doesn't it??)

Check out our What If Up Online Club to connect with our community and explore the new possibilities for seeing ourselves as "the lucky ones."  Give yourself a extra boost of possibility to fuel your imagination, lift your spirits, and perhaps let a bit of good luck rub off on you today... and every day!

Good luck!