Three Questions to take your Team to the Next Level

Uncategorized Mar 26, 2017

The temptation in our fast-moving, achievement-oriented culture is to constantly stay in motion.

There's always another looming deadline, it seems. Always an urgent matter tugging on our calendar. What if our addiction to forward motion does not always lend itself to productivity? What if, every so often, we benefit from taking a step back and assessing the 'big picture'?

What if, by setting time aside on a regular basis, we are able to raise our awareness about the effectiveness of the actions we choose to take each day?

What if we consistently assess our progress using our mission to measure our success?

What if those intermittent steps "back" actually inspire giant leaps "forward"?

This week's Leading Edge challenge is to take some time to look at the big picture - in your personal life, with your team, and/or as an organization. Ask yourself the three "big questions" from today's video and make the changes you need to sharpen your focus and maximize your efforts.

Share your insights below! What will YOU be changing as the result of your contemplation?


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