What's Your Story?

Seen any good movies lately?

Personally, I love gooey cheesy chick-flicks.  In the beginning, it may look like things aren't working out, yet I know, in the end, a predictable blissful ending is inevitable.  I count on it. 

What is the story that you tell about your own life?  Are you the courageous hero?  Are you the unsuspecting victim?  Are you destined for happy outcomes no matter how bleak the circumstances may be? Or is there always a villain that tragically bests you out of the good you deserve?

What if your story is your point of attraction?

What if the way we see ourselves and speak about our past experiences paves the way for more of the same?

What if, by changing the way we tell our story, we can consciously change the outcome?  What if we put ourselves in a whole new genre of possibility!?

This week, we're looking at the stories we tell about ourselves, and how to shift them if we are setting ourselves up for an unhappy ending.