Space to Breathe

what if up Feb 20, 2019

Ever feel like you've got so much on your plate, there's never a chance to stop and breathe?

Yet, something inside you knows that you do have the time. To take a breath.  To regroup.  To step outside. To open your eyes and savor the beauty-full life you've created.  

What if we allow ourselves to have more of these moments?

This week, I'm grateful for divinely timed weather delays, unexpected changes of plans, and ideas that "didn't work" disappearing from my overloaded plate.

It's What If Wednesday once again and this week, our focus is on creating some "breathing room" so we can allow showers of good juju to fill us UP!

What if we take a blissful moment between each of the tasks on our "to-do" list today to look around and find something beautiful to appreciate?

What if these moments give us an emotional reset that clears our mind and lightens our steps?

What if these easy breezy mindful moments have the power to put us in the flow, inspire creative ideas, and...

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what if up Feb 13, 2019

This heartfelt request of our community popped up through our online What If UP Membership Group.

How would YOU respond?

"I'm preparing to launch my new business and... I've gone into a bit of a tailspin about finding my 'why.' This question led me to a very dark night of the soul years ago, and now I don't know what to do with it since I never properly answered my own question before, and I've done a lot of soul-searching...maybe not so much listening though...I think I'm putting a lot of pressure on myself to find the perfect why...I could definitely use some what if upping from all you lovely souls. Thank you in advance!"

What if your "why" is not something you have to find? What if it's something you create?  And, if inspired, re-create? What if you can't get it wrong?

What if your most powerful "why" is hidden among the things you love?  What would you give your life to protect?  What would you give your life to build?

What if your...

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Starting Something New...

what if up Feb 06, 2019

I am still riding high from last night's Kick-Off Party! My dear friend Joe Vitale, from the movie The Secret, was our special guest and it was raise-the-roof fabulous!  

Here's my little secret: I was actually pretty nervous all day yesterday as I was preparing.  Truth be told, I was "what if DOWNing" like crazy. Yes, after all these years, it still happens on occasion!

But then I applied Joe's techniques for stepping into a new dream, and it shifted my paradigm around this new path and new adventure.  Perhaps, if you've been contemplating a leap of faith in life, it will be helpful for you, too:

What if you have everything it takes to take your ideas to the next level?

What if any fear, nervousness or anxiety about a new direction is actually a sign that you are venturing beyond what you know, and therefore, broadening yourself and all that is possible for you?

What if, by stepping outside your comfort zone, you are breaking out of old patterns and old ideas...

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The Five Behaviors of a Healthy Leadership Team (Part I) - Episode 3

the leading edge May 06, 2018

A healthy mission-centered organization begins with a healthy leadership team. In this episode of The Leading Edge, we explore the first three behaviors of a healthy leadership team and how to cultivate them in your organization.

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Building a Cohesive Leadership Team (Episode 2)

the leading edge Apr 24, 2018

How healthy is your leadership team? This week on The Leading Edge, we move into the 1st Discipline of a Healthy Organization - building a cohesive leadership team - as part of our exploration of Patrick Lencioni's book, "The Advantage: Why Organizational Health Trumps Everything Else in Business."

This series is specifically directed to leaders of mission-centric, spiritually-focused organizations and ministries. In this episode, we'll explore:

  • The Importance of Healthy Leadership Teams
  • The Difference between a "Team" and a "Work Group"
  • How to Define of a Cohesive Leadership Team
  • The Ideal Size for Your Leadership Team - and Why...
  • The Shadow Side of Inclusivity - and How To Create it in a Healthy Way
  • Assessing Your Leaders' Willingness to Be Teammates
  • How to Align Your Team on Common Objectives

Share your insights in our comments area below as you follow along.  With your own leadership team, reflect on these key points:

  1. In what areas of your organization do you...
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Why Health is the Key to Growth (Episode 1)

the leading edge Apr 17, 2018

Join me for the relaunch of "The Leading Edge" - new focus... new format!   Read the book, "The Advantage: Why Organization Health Trumps Everything Else in Business", by Patrick Lencioni and share your insights!

In this episode, we explore:

  • Why organizational health is a priority for any ministry that wants to grow.
  • The three barriers to organizational health
  • Healthy practices as a multiplier of your existing spiritual and human resources.

I recommend sharing each episode with your leadership team and discussing your insights together.  Here are some questions to reflect on both individually and with your team:

  • How open am I to learning something new?  Am I willing to step into a "beginner's mindset" when it comes to team leadership?
  • Am I willing to slow down enough to step outside our daily tasks and invest in organizational growth?  What are my current expectations regarding how long it will take to shift our culture?  Am I willing to commit to...
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What if our rituals help us heal?

Uncategorized May 28, 2017

Whether it's crossing your fingers for good luck, or experiencing a more formal "rite of passage," science is showing us that rituals can help us heal, thrive, and perform at our best.

What if  you pay attention to all the ways you already use ritual in your life to move through transitions and bring out the best in yourself and others?

What if you create a NEW ritual this week to build a sense of teamwork, community and/or shared purpose?

What if you participate in a ritual or ceremony to honor the memories of those who have served our country and those who have blessed you on your own life's journey?

I look forward to hearing about your rituals and how they have impacted your life!  Please share your ideas and comments below.  

May you have a blessed and meaningful Memorial Day weekend.  

With special gratitude to those who have given their lives in service to us all...

"In the beauty of the lilies Christ was born across the sea, 
With a glory in his bosom...

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A Mess? Or a Message?

Uncategorized Apr 16, 2017

What if you notice all the LOVE that surrounds you?

Mornings get pretty busy at my house. So busy, in fact, that it can be easy for me to miss the beauty and magic of LIFE swirling all around me. Does that ever happen to you?

What if, through all the DOING of your day, you could stay present to the awe-inspiring people, places, and things that surround you?

What if, in every moment, you could feel the gifts of LOVE given to you without expectation from a friendly universe and all the spiritual beings that live here?

What if, from the fullness of your realization, you discover how much you have to give, how fun it is to give and how creatively you can give your love?

Easter is a perfect time to remember and celebrate the eternal, never failing, enduring power of LOVE.  This week's Leading Edge video shares a story of my own awakening thanks to a little "mess" my daughter left for me in the bathroom one busy morning.

What it a "mess"?  Or was it a "message"?


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Creating a Shift toward a Mission-Centric Organization

Uncategorized Apr 09, 2017

Dr. Gary Simmons from Unity Spiritual Center in Spokane, Washington, joins me to discuss the challenges and best practices for churches that wish to transition from a minister-centric model to mission-centric ministry.

This was originally broadcast as a Facebook Live interview.  If you'd like to keep in the loop for other streaming events, LIKE my Facebook Page at

Share your comments and questions below!

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Three Questions to take your Team to the Next Level

Uncategorized Mar 26, 2017

The temptation in our fast-moving, achievement-oriented culture is to constantly stay in motion.

There's always another looming deadline, it seems. Always an urgent matter tugging on our calendar. What if our addiction to forward motion does not always lend itself to productivity? What if, every so often, we benefit from taking a step back and assessing the 'big picture'?

What if, by setting time aside on a regular basis, we are able to raise our awareness about the effectiveness of the actions we choose to take each day?

What if we consistently assess our progress using our mission to measure our success?

What if those intermittent steps "back" actually inspire giant leaps "forward"?

This week's Leading Edge challenge is to take some time to look at the big picture - in your personal life, with your team, and/or as an organization. Ask yourself the three "big questions" from today's video and make the changes you need to sharpen your focus and maximize your efforts.

Share your...

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