What If It All Goes RIGHT?


What if our rituals help us heal?

Whether it's crossing your fingers for good luck, or experiencing a more formal "rite of passage," science is showing us that rituals can help us heal, thrive, and perform at our best.

What if  you pay attention to all the ways you already use ritual in your life to move through transitions and bring out the best in yourself and others?

What if you create a NEW ritual this week to build a sense of teamwork, community and/or shared purpose?

What if you participate in a ritual or ceremony...


A Mess? Or a Message?

What if you notice all the LOVE that surrounds you?

Mornings get pretty busy at my house. So busy, in fact, that it can be easy for me to miss the beauty and magic of LIFE swirling all around me. Does that ever happen to you?

What if, through all the DOING of your day, you could stay present to the awe-inspiring people, places, and things that surround you?

What if, in every moment, you could feel the gifts of LOVE given to you without expectation from a friendly universe and all the...


Creating a Shift toward a Mission-Centric Organization

Dr. Gary Simmons from Unity Spiritual Center in Spokane, Washington, joins me to discuss the challenges and best practices for churches that wish to transition from a minister-centric model to mission-centric ministry.

This was originally broadcast as a Facebook Live interview.  If you'd like to keep in the loop for other streaming events, LIKE my Facebook Page at http://www.facebook.com/MendhiAudlin.

Share your comments and questions below!


Three Questions to take your Team to the Next Level

The temptation in our fast-moving, achievement-oriented culture is to constantly stay in motion.

There's always another looming deadline, it seems. Always an urgent matter tugging on our calendar. What if our addiction to forward motion does not always lend itself to productivity? What if, every so often, we benefit from taking a step back and assessing the 'big picture'?

What if, by setting time aside on a regular basis, we are able to raise our awareness about the effectiveness of the...


How to (Purposefully) Be the Light of the World

What does it really mean to "be the light of the world"?  

This week, we explore the this audacious idea by exploring the nature of light and how it moves through time and space.  What can we, as spiritual leaders, learn from looking deeper into the workings of light?

What if we could use our understanding of the nature of light to help us direct divine energy more powerfully?

What if humanity could transform divine potential into a spectrum of brilliance much like a...


How to Unlock Your Creativity!

Ever had a creative project, a deadline, and a troublesome lack of ideas?

Most of us are juggling very busy lives.  There are lots of demands on our time, energy and talent.  If we don't take the time to unplug every now and then, it begins to drain our creative energy.

What if you made self-care a primary focus of maintaining your own productivity?

What if you became masterful at setting boundaries around your private, quiet time?

What if the time you invest in your...


Finding Balance through Appreciation

What if balance is the secret to lasting happiness?

Just a quick update this week because... well...  I'm mostly taking today off.  This holiday weekend, I plan to recharge, rest up, meditate, take a walk and generally do as little as possible.  How about you? 

What if maintaining balance is the ultimate secret to spiritual fulfillment?

What if we constantly assess our own spiritual energy supplies and replenish them consistently?

What if self care is as simple as a deep...

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