Unleashing the Power of Generosity with David Hancock

EPISODE 7: What if there is power in generosity?

What if the act of giving generously could open the doors to greater happiness, fulfillment, and prosperity?

In this episode, you'll meet David Hancock, author of the new book, "Performance Driven Giving: The Roadmap to Unleashing the Power of Generosity in your Life." Step into the mindset of GENEROSITY and learn some strategies for finding the JOY in giving.

Reflection Questions for this Week's Episode:

  • Reflect on the different ways you can give generously. Notice if there are areas where giving seems easier. What if you pick an area that feels like a stretch and give a little more this week?
  • When you look to the people that surround you each day (at home, at work, at school, at church, etc.), how generous does the culture seem to be? What could YOU do to infuse the culture with a renewed passion for giving generously?
  • What thoughts or circumstances make it harder for you to give at the level you desire? What is your highest vision for yourself as a generous giver?

Resources from #Episode7: