For more than 20 years, Mendhi Audlin has delivered transformational programs to audiences around the globe. From colleges to corporations, entrepreneurial workshops to spiritual retreats, Mendhi's teachings on mission-centered leadership, mindset, vision-casting and engagement strategy have led people of all ages to step into new paradigms of possibility.

Watch Mendhi Audlin LIVE!

Catch highlights of Mendhi's talk at Unity Church of the Hills in Austin, Texas as she "raises the bar" on what is possible by taking the audience through the "Hero's Journey."


Watch Mendhi as she engages the audience...

Watch these short clips of Mendhi as see engages the audience and keeps them drawn in and participating with her during the presentation.


Choose to Topic that Fits Your Needs:

Mendhi is available to speak on a variety of topics. Here are some possibilities based on her most popular work...

Mindset & Innovation

Share with your group the power of "What If!" Based on the teachings from Mendhi's book, "What If It All Goes RIGHT?" bust through old paradigms in a high energy, interactive keynote or workshop setting.

Creating Your Culture

Built upon Mendhi's "Five Disciplines of Love," the Infinite Connections program provides a road map for building a strong, vibrant culture and a tool box to equip your leaders to bring it to fruition. 

Engagement Strategy

Whether you're looking to engage your customers or your team, Mendhi takes a "Step-by-Step" approach to supporting people to move into deeper and deeper levels of engagement and leadership within your organization. 

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