What If It All Goes RIGHT?

Discover a new world of possibilities! Mendhi Audlin is a dynamic & engaging speaker, facilitato and coach who has taught people around the world to put the power of possibility to work... in their lives, in their communities, and on the planet. Invite Mendhi to speak at your next big event!


Set a tone of optimism and empowerment for your next event with a keynote kick-off with Mendhi. Topics include Vision-Casting, Creative Problem-Solving, Co-Creative Leadership, and Building a Healthy, Engaging Culture.

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Small groups are our secret sauce! Follow up a keynote with breakout sessions, or bring Mendhi to your group for an interactive experience of co-creating new possibilities and bringing good ideas to life!

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Looking for some 1-on-1 support for bringing your ideas to life? Mendhi has a limited number of openings for private coaching sessions.  Put the power of possibility to work in every area of your life!

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 A birthday labyrinth walk...

Dealing with Dark Times...

What if you CONQUER self-doubt?

What if we slow down??

The Healing Power of Gratitude

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Debbie Usab, Professional Development Liason, Salisbury University

"I have never received so many positive comments from students. I agree with the students who wrote - 'definitely have her foryour students next year.' I can't thank you enough for your willingness to present to my student interns."

Anita Perry, Office of the First Lady, State of Texas

"Thanks to speakers such as you, the Texas Conference for Women just keeps getting bigger and better. This year, attendance reached almost 6,000! We commend your generosity and willingness to become involved with such an important forum to encourage the multitude of attendees."